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LianSheng plastic hardware factory,to be located at town of Nanhai District,Foshan Xiaotang Shishan Entrance to the Shinanshapu village,is one produces each industry turnover box,the turnover gross,the everydays use product and the bearing pressure platen and so on each kind of revertex product sepcialized manufacturer,has the famous brands of injection molding machines such as the China HaiTian brand、Ma33000、HTF2008X、HTF2400X2-Bover 30 brands.We have new additions to the welding machine.Itstrats an undertaking for more than 20 years,passes through studies diligently unceasingly,the development has trained the massive outsanding science and technology administrative persinnel and the skilled producting wroder,and instructs strictly after the different department's sepcialist,the strict monitoring,enable the international ISO9000 quality confirmation the approval.
The association lives the plastic hardware factory always take the quality as the first pledge,the product presses the ISO9000 authentication quality specification production.Because the quality has guaranteed absolutely,thus wins national the prestige.The American wheat Germang America(Panyu)the fine chemical limited company chose us to take their long-term parner,but also had FuJi Kang.AiMeida and so on ......Future,this factory diligently will study,uderstood promptlty the domestic and foreign plastic profession the development trend,unceasingly introduces,absorbs and digests the domestic and foreign vanguard technologies,sharpens own productivity and the product quality unceasingly,the development and the development and the development broad market space,makes the entrprise to soar unceasingly in the technical high speed development time.
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